Web & Mobile Application Development

Advance web application development Los Angeles


At Inova Technologies Los Angeles, we bring more than a decade of custom web application development experience. Our team unites a broad skillset and the drive to deliver exceptional solutions custom-suited to your business needs. Tap into advanced design strategies along with thoughtful and pragmatic business solutions.

Our engineer team builds applications on Microsoft, open source LAMP, and cloud platforms.

    We offer:
  • Functional and intuitive web and mobile applications
  • Scalable and productive solutions using smart and open application architecture
  • Proven development processes with seamless communication to give you complete control and transparency
  • Fail-proof QA procedures across the entire software development lifecycle
  • Our pre- and post-delivery commitment to ongoing support and maintenance

Custom Web Application DEVELOPMENT

Markets continue to grow, and information exchange increases at an exponential rate. To keep pace, companies are setting up their own internet portals and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Standard internet portals help companies better serve their customers, while portals built on a company’s internal intranet are becoming the preferred mode of communication between employees and business partners. We provide advanced portals equipped with tools that cater to your precise workflows and operations. We can further integrate those portals with existing databases and applications, delivering the ultimate information source at all user levels.

Custom software development services Los Angeles


Today’s demand for 24/7 availability means businesses need to instantly store, manage, and retrieve data at any time. Inova Technologies has been designing and developing custom database systems that provide secure and effective solutions for your confidential data assets.

We have the advanced expertise you need in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySql. Our engineers create robust database designs and applications that meet your company’s needs and challenges. Trust our proven team for data migration from legacy systems with zero data loss. We can also implement database applications to share data across multiple platforms or within a single-platform environment.

Cloud computing, cloud based application development Los Angeles


Data and accessibility demands continue to rise, with information exchange increasing at an exponential rate. As a result, many companies now setting up cloud-based services and building application consuming these services. Cloud computing allows business to grow and process their data without investing heavily in servers and IT staff. Also, cloud computing allows business to share their data with partners and customers. Our solutions make use of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

Mobile app development Los Angeles

Mobile application DEVELOPMENT

At Inova Technologies, we develop exceptional services and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

We specialize in utility and business applications, with designs that come complete with GPS capability, data-driven content stored locally or in the cloud, automated notifications, time management tools, and advanced media presentation.

Gain full-featured application development beginning with our initial consultation to fully understand your brand and requirements. We then manage team planning and strategy, graphic interface design – even app store submission.


Launch your custom branded mobile/smartphone optimized website and convert websites or web application for mobile use on iPhone, iPad, and Android technology. Websites are designed for superior mobile usability while preserving the essence of the desktop version.

Responsive mobile wbsite Los Angeles


Our dedicated local Los Angeles based customer service and custom web and mobile application support team ensure all known and unknown issues are handled in a timely manner. As business needs evolve our team can contribute to your business growth and handle modifications, features and functionality additions, and address changing technical requirements long after your site is live. We always go the extra mile to support all of your business needs and expectations.


Back your business with our trusted 24/7 maintenance and support. We go the extra mile to satisfy all of your needs and expectations.